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will Have a busy time for the week from January 8 to 15 with Mercury square your decan. The increase in communications and rushing around on errands can leave you a bit stressed and the hectic mental activity can also lead to some miss-communication with the chance of some arguments. Better to delay important decisions if you can and try not to sign anything too important till later in the month






Do fasting in Monday, chant 108 times hanuman gayatri or 108 times durga mantra and get the power of god.


Japa mantra:-
“om saranagatadinarta paritran perayana
Sarbasyarta hera dabi narayani namastuta”

Hanuman gayatri:-“om anjanay bidmaha,bauputraya dhimahi
Tarno maruti prachodayata,om sring hanumatya namaha”