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Your mind and body receive nourishment and energy from food which grows on the outer (first) layer of the Earth. The minerals that infuse the vegetables and grains with nourishment lay a lower (second) layer of the Earth. The third layer, deep under the Earth's surface, contains concentrations of harmonizing ions. With intense pressure and high temperatures, dynamic energies are instilled within the gemstones that are dug from mines around the world. These gemstones, or rather Vedic astrological gemstones will recharge your body, improve your mind, you gain more respect and affection, and are able to accomplish tasks with relative ease.
The study of Vedic astrological gemstones is a science. It does not entail whimsical foundations such as birthstone stratification does. You cannot prescribe Vedic astrological gemstones based on color preference. Vedic astrological gemstones are exquisitely prescribed based on your powerful Vedic horoscope. Some of them are hand crafted by the world renowned Bengali babus of India. Their jewelry is displayed in palaces and museums worldwide. By wearing our recommended gemstone for only 101 Days, you will notice significant improvements in your personal life.


Wearing the wrong gemstone is Nature's most silent trouble maker in life. How?
Did you know that the stone you or your family members are wearing right now can be harmful? If the gemstones are genuine, then wearing the wrong gemstone is Nature's most silent trouble maker in life when you are wearing gemstones, why not wear the gemstones that enhance your life. If something were to be beneficial for one person, it may be harmful to another. For example, one spoon of sugar can boost an average person's energy level. That same spoon of sugar can be life threatening for a person with diabetes. Therefore, if you wear the wrong gemstones prescribed by an unqualified person, it can be harmful to you and you, as the wearer, would never notice that the wrong gemstone is hurting you. You may blame your boss, your spouse or your luck, but the problem could be on your finger.


" Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande"  - You are a Universe within the Universe
This is a Sanskrit verse that was written 5,000 years ago. The expanded translation states, "Whatever is inside you is outside you. Whatever is outside you is within you." This means that the air, water, fire, earth, and cosmic energy outside you is within you. No scientist, atheist, or cynic will deny that he is made out of 75% water, he needs air every second, he needs to maintain a body temperature of 98.6° Fahrenheit, and he needs food from the Earth to survive. This food comes from the upper layer of the Earth. If we go further down into the Earth, you will find the roots which help us to survive. If we go down further into the Earth, then we discover the minerals which we need to survive. The most essential element of the above mentioned breakdown of the Earth is the concentrated form of energy or as is known by Vedic science, the essence of Earth...or gemstones.
The right proportions of food, air, water, and heat give us life and energy. Similarly, the right gemstones will provide a harmonious and more improved life. You may say that you don't eat gemstones but you do eat food. Gemstones work the same way that lightening effects you, or how the Sun ray's give you Vitamin D, or how the sound of soothing music relaxes you. The aroma of onions will make you cry even though you don't touch them. Gemstone energy works on your mind. When the mind is balanced, you will make less mistakes and you will have more time, money, and energy to construct a better future.
You may still argue as to how a piece of rock will help you. Take for example a knife made out of iron. However, when the doctor uses the knife with the right knowledge, that piece of iron becomes a life saving tool. Vedic Astrological Science is based on the physics of Nature and the chemistry of the Earth. Combining the five basic elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Cosmic Energy, you conclude at Vedic astrological gemstones. The more you harmonize with these energies, the better conductivity of success will develop within you and around you. Nature provides these elements, without which you cannot exist. Therefore Nature controls your every second. Furthermore, Nature inspires the mind, which in turn influences the body to act positively or negatively according to the harmony of cosmic energy and environment. Remember, we generate the right prescription based upon your own very unique birth place, date, and time of birth.
Nature will not come knocking on your door to help you. You must take advantage of this light and put it to work for a better future.
By wearing properly prescribed gemstones under proper supervision, you can benefit from the natural healing characteristics of Vedic astrological gemstones. We do not recommend these Vedic astrological gemstones to be applied in lieu of necessary medical attention. By no means is this information a self-help panacea. However, we do recommend the application of Vedic astrological gemstones in efforts to reduce discomfort in a natural and time-demanding situation. One must remember that we are not qualified medical experts. However, we have empirical evidence that utilizes the examination of your horoscope and family background for a prescription. Our 'dosages' are monitored and are based on the size and type of gemstones.
The ancient scientific scriptures consistently mention the relationship between color, planets, and gemstones. With the almost sacred color stratification, ROYGBIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet), we see the correlation perfectly. The cosmic rays that manifest themselves in various wavelengths (colors) have unique affects on the health of our mind and body. The purest of the ROYGBIV rays resides concentrated in precious gems, and so, the gems are of great curative value.
Cosmic ray effects on gemstones

1. Ruby: It acts as an antenna towards red cosmic rays. The ruby is ruled by our Sun. It can help cure leprosy, ulcers, fevers, hear and bone troubles. It warns people from many dangers. It increases dignity, respect, honor, and ensures a high status in life.
2. Pearl: It acts as an antenna towards orange cosmic rays. It is a cold gem which is ruled by the Moon. It is helpful for persons who suffer from eye troubles, tuberculosis, hysteria, constipation, and cardiac trouble. For the enhancement of mental peace and recollection of memory, pearl is a suitable gem to utilize. It increases the emotional activity of human being. It succeeds in engaging love, attracts affection and promises a conjugal bliss.
3. Coral: It attracts yellow cosmic rays. It is hot and is ruled by Mars. It helps to cure diabetes mellitus, emphysema, impotency, jaundice and skin diseases. It protects against adverse situations. It helps the ladies get married. Yellow sapphires are good gems for women to maintain marital bliss and protect them from widowhoods. It helps maintain solid friendships and governs reasoning systems.
4. Emerald: It attracts green cosmic rays. It is cold and is ruled by Mercury. It helps maintain friendships with your marriage partner and business partner. It also governs reasoning systems, abdomen, eyes, nose, nervous system, debility, blood pressure, and ulcer. It offers all round success and achievement in life
5. Yellow Sapphire: It invites blue cosmic rays. It is a cold gemstone and is ruled by Jupiter. It helps to maintain sound health and success in life. It helps to cure cholera, throat troubles, abdominal complications, jaundice, hysteria, and strengthens life.
6. Diamond: It possess indigo blue cosmic rays. It is a cold gemstones and is ruled by Venus. It empowers persons to attraction. It promotes good understanding. It cures sexual disorders, delirium, diabetes, melitus, paralysis, and syphilis. It increases intellect and ensures the luxuries of life.
7. Blue Sapphire: It attracts violet cosmic rays. It is a cold gem and is ruled by Saturn. Blue sapphires play a positive role in curing paralysis, nervous disorders, mental maladies, weakness, kidney, and abdominal troubles. Utilization of blue sapphires improves one's life. It invites name, reputation, wealth, longevity, and stamina.
8. Gomed: It attract ultraviolet cosmic rays and is ruled by the Dragon's head or Rahu. It is a cold gem. It helps protect against obstacles, lessens worries, tension and ill health. It increases appetite and helps women during child birth. It also aids in easing marital problems. All-round success is achieved.
9. Cat's eye: It attracts infrared cosmic rays. It is rule by the Dragon's tail and is a hot gemstone. It helps to protect against the bites of insects and snakes. It cures persons suffering from skin trouble, cholera, and cancer. It is a ruled by a Tantric planet and can help achieve wealth and provide strength against enemies.
More color and elementary relevance
The five Mahabhutas or Great Elements-
The five great elements are Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. They are associated with cosmic colors : blue rays with ether, violet with air, red and yellow with fire, orange and indigo with water and green with earth.
The five Tanmatras-The five Tanmatras and hence their respective organs have their links with the cosmic rays :

Smell (nose) with green, touch (skin) with violet, taste (tongue) with orange, sight (eyes) with red, and sound (ears) with blue.
The Tridosba- The color associations with Tridosha are:
Blue and violet with vayu, red and yellow with pitta, and indigo and green with kapha. These three are respectively the forces of harmony, energy and inertia residing inherently in every living cell of the human as well as other bodies. Indigo and green are positive forces, red and yellow are negative, and blue and violet  are neutral.
In fact, every creation is of the ROYGBIV rays and is enveloped by them. There is not a pin point of space in the Universe which is not occupied by these powerful rays. These rays are continuously and constantly surrounding every creation every moment of time throughout its existence.

















Since ancient times Coral is a famous gem in India for its magnificent aftereffects, if worn with proper knowledge. Coral is found in sea in the form of roots. In scientific terms it is an extract of calcium carbonate. It is found in saffron, red and white colours. According to Astrology, it is a gemstone of Mars. Mars is a planet, which radiates red light.
Similarly, Coral is also a collection of red light. Thus Coral powerfully penetrates the red light from the mars planet in to a human body. It suits more to the people belonging to Aries and Scorpio Zodiac sings. It helps in business, service and fulfills every wish. Coral is highly beneficial for the people who are coward or easily defeated by their enemies. It strengthens the wearer's self-confidence. If you put paste of Coral with fragrant flower of pandanus (Kevera) and rose water on the stomach of a pregnant woman, it prevents abortion. If a weak person eats the power of coral with honey, it makes him strong. If a person, suffering from cough and cold, takes coral powder with betel leaf, it relieves him from the painful disease. Coral paste with cream is good for heart patients. Making a child wear coral will free him or her from childhood problems like stomachache etc.
How to wear


If one has to wear a Coral stone in a ring. It should weigh, at least, 2.5 ratti. Coral stones weighing 5, 7, 9 and 11 ratti are very auspicious


It should be always worn in a gold or copper ring


It should be worn with chanting the mantra, "OM BHOM BHOUMAYA NAMAH", on Tuesday before 11.00 A.M. in the right finger, in Shri Hanuman's temple.


For three years and three days from the day it is worn, it shows its full effect.



Semi Precious Moti (PearL)
Pearl is a gemstone, a combination of calcium and oxygen,. According to chemical criterion, it is called calcium carbonate. Some other bone bearing organisms like shell, conch and cowries also belong to the same group. Pearl is related to Moon planet. It is a living gem and is born by a shell in sea. Pearls from kosir near islands like Basra, Bahreen and considered to be first quality gems for their beauty and shine. It is mainly found in the Bay of Manar (Sri Lanka) which is the beach of Katlyavad and the beaches of Australia. It is found in different places and also different shapes like long, round, deshaped, nice shaped or flat shaped etc.
In the whole literature of Indian gems, Pearl has achieved the first place for its significant beauty and shine. Pearl of pure white colour, as soothing as, the rays of the moon, is considered to be the best. It is good for the people with Zodiac sign of Cancer. It brings certainty and peace in the lives of the people with uncertainty and problems. Wearing pearl pacifies one's evil desires. Pearl improves knowledge and brings prosperity. It also brings a glow on one's face and removes dullness. Pearl is highly recommended for people with uneven temper. Pearl is also used in many medicines. Taken in the form of paste or powder, pearl removes the problems like heart diseases, mental disorders, blood presure, urine infections, stones, piles, dental diseases and stomach ailments.
How to wear


If one has to wear a pearl in a ring, it should weigh, at least 2 ratti


Pearl shows it best effect in a silver ring


Ring should be worn in the little finger of right hand. It should be first washed with unboiled milk and then, should be worn by chanting the mantra,
on Monday in Shiv temple.


From the day it is worn to the next 2 years, 1 month, 26 days, it shows it full effect.



Semi Precious (Emerald)  Buddha
Emerald represents the planet Mercury. Emerald is a mineral stone. According to chemical disintegration emerald is the composition of borollium sand, aluminum and oxygen. It is green in colour. It is mainly found in India, Russia, Belgium and Brazil. It is a delicate gemstone. Mostly emerald is not clear and has fibers. It is mostly tested by its fibers. It is, especially, beneficial for the people of Zodiac sings of Gemini and Virgo Wearing it removes the disturbances of mind and brings peace to mind. It a student wears it, his mind becomes sharp and the goddess of knowledge (Saraswati) showers Her blessings upon him. It increases the eye sight, makes a man more prosperous and keeps away the problems of evil spirits. It destroys bad dreams and makes a man joyous, healthy and wealthy. If tied on the waist of a pregnant woman, it makes the delivery very easy. If someone conspirates against the person wearing "Emerald" stone, the conspiracy is readily surfaced and everyone becomes aware of it. It is considered to be a good omen if any lover gifts emerald to his beloved. It generates the feelings of sympathy, love and kindness in a human being. Mercury planet is associated with "VOICE". Weak Mercury planet causes the problems like asthma, cough, stammering. Ect. Thus, in every situation, wearing emerald is very advantageous.
How to wear


One should wear it in his little finger o n Wednesday after taking bath, before 11.00 A.M. in front of his diety by chanting the mantra;


From the day it is worn to the next 3 years it shows its full effect on the wearer.


Alternative gemstone for Emerald:
A person, unable to wear emerald, should wear onxy or periodots, the semi-precious stones. They have the same effect as emerald.



Ruby is a mineral stone. According to physics, it is a mixture of aluminum, oxygen, iron and chromium. It is mainly found in China, Burma, Sri Lanka and Afghahistan. Ruby is the main gem of Sun planet and it is dark red in colour. The person of Leo zodiac sign should wear Ruby. It moves poverty and brings happiness, prosperity and reputation to a person. A person gets relief from fear, pain and sufferings. It is helpful in increasing generation. It is good for ambitious person. They earn name and fame in the society by doing something extraordinary, as sunplanet is related to heart and eyes. Many heart and eye problems occur due the weakness of this planet. It is good to wear ruby to cure these ailments. Taking it in the form of powder and paste cures the diseases of piles, blood diseases, gas trouble, dry cough, hiccups and body pain.
How to wear


The weight of ruby should be at least 3 rattis, to war it in a ring.


The ruby ring should be made either in gold or in Copper.


Before wearing, it should be kept in the unboiled milk and Ganges water and then it should be worn in ring finger, after bathing on Sunday before 10 a.m. Chanting the mantra, "OM HUN HANA SUR YAYA NAMAH", "OM, Dhaggi Suryaya NAMAH".


From the day it is worn to the next 4 years, it shows its full effect on the wearer.


Yellow Sapphire

Astrology Gem Stones
Yellow Sapphire is a gem of the planet Jupiter. According to astrology, one who has Jupiter in a favourable position always remains happy and prosperous. On the countrary, an unfavorable or weak Jupiter creates problems and leads to painful circumstances in one's life. Yellow Sapphire represents this Jupiter. It is found in yellow hite colours. It is a mineral stone. It is mainly found in the Himalayas, Ceylon and Russia. According to chemical disintegration, it is a combination of aluminum, hydrovisal and heroine. It is heavy and transparent. It is of immense use for Sagittarians and Piscesians. Wearing it brings strength, knowledge, healthy life, reputation and mental peace.
If there is any delay in the marriage of a girl, then it solves it. It is good for family life and removes and misunderstanding between the husband and wife.
It is extremely good for writers, advocates, scholars and business men. It helps in pacifying anger and removing cowardness. It strengthens the friendship too.
Taking it in the form of powder or paste is useful for fever, asthma, cough, bad smell in breath, kidney and gastric trouble etc.
How to wear


To wear it in a ring Yellow Sapphire should weigh
at least 3 ratti, the heavier it is, the better it is.


It is worn only in a gold or copper ring.


It should be worn in index finger on Thursday at the time of sunrise, after worshipping the banana tree and chanting the mantra, "OM AYE BRAHASPATE NAMAH" turmeric, gram pulse, yellow flower, yellow cloth should be donated.


From the day it is worn to the next 4 years, 3 months and 18 days it shows its powerful effect on the wearer.

              Alternative gemstone for Yellow Sapphire
If any person is unable to wear Yellow-Sapphire, then "TOPAZ" is the alternative gemstone. It will be equally beneficial.


Hessonite Garnet (Gomedh) (Rahu Graha)
Zircon (Gomed) is the gemstone of planet Rahu. In colour it looks like cow's urine mixed with honey. It is good for persons who, are having the period of Rahu. It is also good for persons who, are suffering from mental tensions, having hurdles in their work and are struggling with their lives.
Politicians, gamblers, lawyers and smugglers should wear it. It is believed that Zircon wearer can easily overcome any opposition. In Ayurveda, Zircon powder is considered good for cough, acidity, digestion problems and skin problems.
How to wear


Zircon (Gomed) shold be of at least 4 ratti. It should be worn in the ring of silver or ring of 5 metals. It should be worn in middle finger on Friday or Saturday in between 11 a.m. and 4.30 p.m., chanting the mantra, "OM QUYANSHIVTRAH ASHUDOOTO SADA VRIDHAH SAKHA". "KATHA SACHISHTYA VRITAH" and sesame seed, mustard oil, blue cloth and blanket should be donated according to one's capacity. From the day it is worn to the next 3 years, it shows its full effect.


Cat's Eye

Lahsuniya (Ketu)
Cat's Eye is the gem for Ketu. It is found in many colours. There remains an white line on the stone. It is good for the persons having the period of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.
Cat's Eye brings strength, happiness, wealth and son. It saves one from the enemy and brings victory over the enemy. Its wearer remains safe from accidents, enemies, punishment, diseases and poverty. It brings prosperity.
How to wear


The heavier the Cat's Eye is, the better it is for the ring, but its minimum weight should be 3 ratti. It should be worn in silver ring in middle finger on Wednesday between 6 and 8 P.M., chanting the mantra, "OM HRING KRI VARARUPINYA KANTVA AAYNE SON SAWHA". From the day it is worn to the next 3 years, it shows its full effect.


Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire
According to Indian 'Astrologers', Blue Sapphire is the gemstone for Saturn planet. It is a combination of aluminum and oxygen. Because of little presence of cobalt, its colour is blue. It is found in blue, sky-blue, purple and pink colours. The brightness or dullness of its colour does not affect the results.
The best quality of Blue Sapphire is found in Kashmir region of India. A few years ago, its mines were closed by the government, thus, its availability has reduced considerably. These day, we easily get Blue Sapphire form Ceylon, with good quality. It is of transparent light blue colour.
Translucent and dark Blue Sapphire are found in Thailand and Australia. When compared to the other gems, it shows its effects very soon. If it suits someone, then it can bring peace, happiness, prosperity and long life. Lost property is regained.
It never harms people with Aquarius and Capricorn Zodiac signs because the Lord of these signs is Saturn and the gemstone for Saturn is Blue Sapphire. Thus people with these Zodiacs can wear Blue Sapphire with our any hesitation. Wearing of Blue Sapphire is good for persons involved in the works like transportation, property, contracts, workshop, factories, industries, small scale business, labour, government services etc. It is said that person wears it in a locket touching heart, then it brings peace. According to Buddhism, it keeps away the bad thoughts and makes the heart and the behavior of a man peaceful. Wearing it makes the character of a woman strong. It warns a person against the bad plans of his enemy by its colours.
How to wear


Blue Sapphire should be of atleast 2 ratti, if one has to wear it in a ring. It should be dipped in a copper pot full of water and then should be worn in the middle finger on Saturday, 2 hours before sunset. Then pour that water in the roots of peepal tree, chanting the mantra, "OM HIN SHREE SHANECHARAYA NAMAH". From the day it is worn to the next 5 years, it shows its full effect.

Alternative Gem Stone for Blue Sapphire
The person, who is unable to wear Blue Sapphire, due to any reason, should wear Amthyst. If Amethyst suits a person, then he can wear Blue Sapphire with out any fear. It is supposed to be a stone that reacts very quickly so should be worn with proper care.

Semi-Precious Stones
There are 84 gems. Only 9 gems are considered as precious gems and the rest of the gems as substitute gems. However, at times these substitute gems prove to be more effective.
For example :-
12. JADE