Vastu Sastra

Introduction To Vaastu
The word Vaastu means a dwelling. Vaastu Shilpa means the science of house building. The science of house building is very ancient in India. The knowledge has come down from creator Brahma through an unbroken succession of sages. According to the Vishwakarma Vaastu Shastra, the celestial architect Lord Brahma got a thorough knowledge of his science from Lord Shiva. The present day Vaastu owes its origin mainly to 125 verses contained in Brihat Sanhita of Varahamihira. We are presently below a simplified summary of Vaastu principles. The Vaastu Shastra in itself is too detailed to be presented at a single place. Nor it is likely to be understood by the modern day's generation in its original form.

Basic Principles Of Vaastu
The following are some of the Vaastu-logically correct principles of house making and design. Please note that like most of the ancient sciences, some of the knowledge that is contained in these principles may not be any more relevant at present times. However, the very basic of Vaastu principles will always continue to be beneficial to the mankind in one form or the other.

The basic principles are:


If you are in the process of buying a plot or site, please remember that plots/sites in South West, South & West directions are more advantageous than others. But it will be more beneficial if you decide it according to mars position in your horoscope.


According to Vaastu, the most beneficial entrances in the house are those in North East, East or North direction.


Living Room or the dining room is best looked in East, North & Northeast directions.


The bedroom according to Vaastu should be in southwest/south or west direction


The children's bedroom should ideally be in Northwest. It could be in Southeast & North as well but never in southwest or south.


If you are fortunate enough in present times to have the luxury of having a separate room for the guests, make the guestroom in Northeast or northwest direction.


The kitchen of the house is ideally located in Southeast followed by Northwest & East.


Bathrooms & Toilets should be in Northwest of the house or in West or South direction.


While purchasing a plot or a site, it is advisable to go in for a rectangular or square shape. As far as possible, the site should be slopping towards North & East or Northeast


While making the building or the house, it is advisable to have equal open space on all four sides. The levels of open spaces should be higher in South & West side and lower in North & East side. Outlets of rainwater should be in Northeast or North zones.


The living room of the central zone (Brahmasthan) should be free from any kind of obstructions. By obstructions, we mean any kind of beam, pillar, fixture, toilet, staircase or even a wall or lift.


The direction in which you sleep is also very important. Every direction has its own importance in general, one should avoid sleeping with head in the north. Sleeping with head towards south ensures long life, dominancy, and very well understanding with spouse . While on a journey, it is advisable to sleep with head towards west.


In your studyroom, have your seat so as to face east or north. Do not have a toilet in the studyroom, though you can have a bathroom.


Do not use a dark colour in the study room. Use yellow or white or pink. Put the book shelf in east or north.


If you construct more than a floor, prepare the first floor on Southwest. The height of first floor shall not exceed that of ground floor. Do not build a storeroom on first floor.


It is said that a storeroom in the Northwest corner leads to abundant supply of essential commodities. Keep a holy picture on one eastern wall. Light colours should not be used on the storeroom. Use dark colours or blue or green. Never sleep in the storeroom at night. Also refrain from taking out grains from the storeroom in night.


The bathroom/bathrooms can be either inside or outside the house. In case it is inside, it should not be located on the eastern or northern side. (If attached to a bedroom, then to eastern or northern side of the bedroom). When located outside, then it should be in North corner, but away from the main building.


Vaastu Shastra also guides us about what type of plants and trees should be planted around a dwelling unit so as to enjoy their positive properties the most.


Vaastu does not prescribe having a Mango, Banana or a Jamun tree very near your house. However Peepal at some distance from the house in West direction is considered auspicious, as is Imli in South West of the house.


It is also auspicious to have an Anaar, Ashoka, Chandan, Champa, Chameli,Gulaab , Nariyal & Keshar tree around a house.


The Paintings / Statues in the house are also important. One should not have pictures depicting war scenes (even if they belong to the Epic Mahabharata or Ramayan battles). Similarly scenes depicting negativities of life like sorrow, struggle , violence (including that of wild beasts), tragedy and of calamities.